Fan Coil Hose

Akseflex non-braided or braided fan coil hoses can be bent and bent thanks to their flexible structure, making them suitable for pipes, couplings, elbows, etc. These are products that can be used instead of and thus allow quick assembly. Some of their features include absorbing vibrations and expansions, being able to be bent without cross-sectional narrowing, and a decorative appearance provided by stainless steel.

Akseflex fan-coil hoses are one of the most important parts of the installation in order to connect the pipe connections to the fan coil units in installations made in narrow spaces. If desired, it can be produced insulated and prevents sweating in the system. Plastic ferrules not only give the material a more decorative appearance, but also ensure that the insulation does not slide off and the cuts are not visible. Since the insulation is added to the hose without being cut to length, it is recommended to choose an insulated hose, considering the difficulty of insulating it after assembly.

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