Solar and Boiler Hoses

Solar Hoses

The hoses Arsenflex produces for solar installation systems are a modern solution for solar panel installations designed to obtain hot water by utilizing solar energy. Arsenflex solar hoses, which can be combined with single or double insulation according to customer preference, produced against the difficulty of determining the hose length during installation and using fully-finished hoses by the manufacturer, are prepared in coils of 10 to 50 meters and presented to the customer.

Boiler Hoses

In systems where hot water is obtained by utilizing solar energy, boilers are devices in which the hot water in the tank is heated by circulating the water heated in solar collectors through flexible metal hoses used as serpentine in a tank. Systems where water is heated using a boiler are the ideal choice due to pressure problems in natural circulation systems where the heated water is used directly, and freezing events experienced in open systems where the domestic water and the water circulating in the collector are the same. The most prominent advantages of the product are the use of stainless steel flexible metal hoses as serpentine in the boiler, the efficiency due to higher surface area in narrow volumes than steel pipes, its flexibility and ease of assembly, and the high corrosion resistance of stainless steel, non-calcification. The lengths of Arsenflex flexible metal hoses, inlet-outlet connections, can be produced in accordance with the needs of boiler manufacturers, and can be shipped as single or double serpentine on a stainless steel skeleton when requested. Arsen produces solutions in accordance with the needs of the manufacturer in its stainless steel skeleton structure.


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